Ordination of Denise M. Cawley
Bradford Community Church  – Unitarian Universalist
Kenosha, WI
Sunday, July 26, 2020

Order of Service (pdf)


Easter Prayer: Name YOUR Feelings

Please don’t stuff up negative feelings ones with gratitude. 

Prayer for the Pandemic
We hold so much. We are overflowing with BOTH/AND. In process theology, we stop viewing the world with a binary lens. Rather than life being dreadful or wonderful, evil or good, or the world existing in only binaries of male/female, or right or wrong, we look instead through the lens of BOTH/AND as opposed to EITHER/OR.

Prayer in PDF


Sermon: Love is Messy
Love rarely follows the path we expect. The more expectations we bring, the less pleased we are with the relationship. Love is messy and surprising. Using the film Antonia’s Line, as an example of familial and romantic love as well as the bond of love in acceptance of the whole person we can have more fulfilling relationships. This sermon was given at Bradford Community Church Unitarian Universalist, in Kenosha, WI by Denise M. Cawley in February of 2020.

Pathetic Spiritual Practice
Often, we get bogged down in taking care of our minds and spirits by avoiding activities that could soothe us, because we do not have capacity to do them perfectly. Here I talk about why you need and deserve ‘pathetic’ spiritual practice. If you aim for pathetic, the results will be anything but.

Youth & All Ages

Spiritual Practice for Kids & Grown Ups
As people of faith, Unitarian Universalists and our friends and neighbors are all needing spiritual practice to keep ourselves well. Learn about how to fill your chalice, your cup of love in ways that will nourish your soul. This activity is spiritual art for ALL Ages.

Accompanying Handout (PDF)

Calm BreathsDenise and Aidan show us how to calm ourselves with deep refreshing breaths to settle our nervous system.
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