Congregational Work

I very much enjoy the brilliance I find in congregations. I love watching groups learn together, struggle, grow, love each other up, celebrate and create community together. I find the pace of that transformation might be slow for a year and suddenly the congregation might take a giant leap before my eyes. The work is magic. I am dedicated to bringing people into that magic.

 Hear and read some of my sermons here.

Rev. D leads us out of our parochial isolation. She connects us with other congregations and with the inspiring connections to other UUs.

She led Zoom sessions on Widening the Circle and A Call to Faith in Turbulent Times. By seeking out musicians and preachers from nation-wide UU congregations, she exposed our community to expansive visions of how different congregations respond to the world’s needs. 
Scott Lindstrom, UUCCWC, Hillsboro, OR

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