Officiating weddings is a special honor. Looking to make your wedding meaningful, joy filled and personal? I can help tell your story and bring professional strength in holding all the complexities of the day. Weddings gather people from all areas of your life and that can be a lot of energy to manage – I am adept at holding the holy.

  • Let me help you with blending the spiritual and secular
  • Merge traditions from all that is meaningful to you
  • Build ceremonies that reflect your values
  • From ‘spiritual not religious’ to Christian traditions, nature lovers to all progressive expressions of love, I will help you craft a ceremony all your own.
  • I am delighted to marry people of all genders (including transgender and gender non-binary), sexual orientations (LGBTQ), races, parenting statuses (including with child) and more.
  • Let’s have your guests float away and tell you how meaningful it was to be a part of your day.
  • Contact me about your date and learn more about my wedding packages.
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